Bohr’s Atom-Model and Quantum Mechanics

Part A: Publications Board “Bohr’s Atom-Model and the New Quantum Mechanics”

Thomas Allmendinger (2022): „A Spherical Atom Model of Helium Based on Well-Defined Electron Trajectories”, accepted for publication by the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics.
Keywords: 3D-atom-model, electron-spin, electron wave, confutation of the traditional quantum mechanics according to Schrödinger and Heisenberg
Abstract: Allmendinger – Abstract – Helium.pdf

Thomas Allmendinger (2020): „A Hydrogen Atom Model with Well-Defined Electron Trajectories”, Int. J. Quantum Foundations / IJQF Supplement (Quantum Speculations), Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2020, pages 1-26
Keywords: Bohr’s atom-model, de Broglie wave, 3D atom-model, spin-orbital coupling, electron trajectories, electron oscillation

Thomas Allmendinger (2018): „The Elucidation of the Ground State in the H-Atom-Model of Niels Bohr and its Application on the Bond-Length Computation in the H2-Molecule”, International Journal of Molecular and Theoretical Physics 2(1), 1-10
Keywords:  H-atom-model; Electron-spin; H2-molecule; Bond-length computation; Bond strength