Albedo, Atmosphere Physics and Climate

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Thomas Allmendinger (Oktober 2018): „Die wahre Ursache des Klimawandels und die Möglichkeiten seiner Bekämpfung (Kurzfassung)”, revidiert 2018-11-01
Allmendinger Klimawandel – Kurzfassung.pdf

Thomas Allmendinger (September 2018): „Die wahre Ursache des Klimawandels und die Möglichkeiten seiner Bekämpfung”, revidiert 2018-11-01
Allmendinger Klimawandel.pdf

Thomas Allmendinger (2018), oral presentation during the World Summit on Climate Change and Global Warming, June 21-22, Paris, France, organized by EuroSciCon;
Citation: Expert Opin Environ Biol 2018 volume 7, DOI: 10.4172/2325-9655-C1-020
Power Point Presentation: The Thermal Radiation of the Atmosphere.pdf

Thomas Allmendinger (2018): „The Real Cause of Global Warming and its Consequences on Climate Policy”, SciFed Journal of Global Warming, 2018, 2:1

Thomas Allmendinger (2018): „The Thermal Radiation of the Atmosphere and Its Role in the So-Called Greenhouse Effect”, April 2018, Atmospheric and Climate Sciences 8, 212-234;
doi: 10.4236/acs.2018.82014
Key words: IR (Infrared) Radiation of Gases, Thermal Radiation of the Atmosphere, Albedo, Solar Adsorption Coefficient. Radiation Equilibrium, Limiting Temperature
Supplement: „Atmospheric Radiation Schema at the Earth’s Surface”,
Allmendinger, Radiation Schema.pdf

Thomas Allmendinger: „Measures at Buildings for Mitigating the Microclimate”, Environment Pollution and Climate Change, June 2017 (Citation: Thomas Allmendinger, Environ Pollut Climate Change 2017, 1:3)
Keywords: Albedo; Solar absorption coefficient; Warming-up rate; Surface texture; Weathering; Construction materials; Building dimension

Thomas Allmendinger (2017): „The Refutation of the Climate Greenhouse Theory and a Proposal for a Hopeful Alternative”, Environment Pollution and Climate Change, April 2017 (Citation: Thomas Allmendinger, Environ Pollut Climate Change 2017, 1:2)
Key words: Albedo; Measuring Methods; Stefan-Boltzmann Law, IR-absorption by gases
Original version (improved layout with enumeration of the different sections and items):

Thomas Allmendinger (2017): „A Novel Investigation about the Thermal Behaviour of Gases under the Influence of IR-Radiation: A Further Argument against the Greenhouse Thesis”, Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change, March 2017 (Citation: Allmendinger, J Earth Sci Clim Change 2017, 8:3; doi: 10.4172/2157-7617.1000393)
Key words: Absorption of short infrared-radiation; Heat-radiation-tube; Incident solar radiation; Kinetic gas theory; Solar-tube; Thermal-radiative measurements at gases

Thomas Allmendinger (2016): „The thermal behaviour of gases under the influence of infrared-radiation“, International Journal of Physical Sciences, Vol. 11(15), 16 August 2016, pp. 183-206; doi: 10.5897/IJPS2016.4500
Key words: Solar-tube, gas-temperature, radiation-absorption, radiation-emission, kinetic-gas-theory, near-infrared, carbon-dioxide
Instead of the editor’s version, an improved version of the pdf-file is given here, exhibiting a clearer layout but without changing the text:
Allmendinger_Behaviour of Gases_IJPS.pdf

Thomas Allmendinger (2016): „The solar-reflective characterization of solid opaque materials”, International Journal of Science and Technology Educational Research, Vol. 7(1), June 2016, pp. 1-17; doi: 10.5897/IJSTER2015.0341
Key words: Albedo, radiation-absorption, heat-emission, Stefan-Boltzmann law, climate-modelling

Thomas Allmendinger, „Helle Dächer: Ein wesentlicher Schritt zur Klimaverbesserung”, umneubau Nr. 1 ∙ 2015, S. 34-35
Stichwörter: Albedo, Strahlungsabsorption, Mikroklima, Dachziegel, historische Bauten
English Version:
Thomas Allmendinger, „Cool Roofs: A Significant Step to Climate Improvement“, Feb. 2015
Allmendinger Cool Roofs 2015-02-18.pdf

Thomas Allmendinger, „Abklärungen zum Rückgang des Aletsch-Gletschers (Kanton VS)”, Erstellt am 5. Oktober 2012; Revidiert am 28. Juni 2013
Stichwörter: Gletscherschwund, Gletscherschmelze, Albedo, Cool Roofs, Temperaturverlauf Sitten / Sion, Bevölkerungsentwicklung Brig
Abklärungen zum Rückgang des Aletsch-Gletschers.pdf